Photo Gallery

Photos are divided into sections & projects. This is just a SMALL sample - mostly showing how photography was used in a specific design project. Read more about the photography services offered by Sinclair Design Studio.

Examples of Projects Using Photography Services:

Food Pantry Photo

The Photo:

Food Heart

Unable to find an appropriate photo of canned food to represent caring and giving, the photo above was taken and incorporated in fliers, door hangers and website graphics.

How it was used:

Food Pantry Promotion


Food Pantry Flier

Candlelight Service Photo

The Photo:

Food Heart

How it was used:

Food Pantry Promotion

Metal Finishing Photos

The Photos:

anodized metal pieces

Chrome pieces

How they were used:

AM Metal Folder

Websites Featuring Sinclair Design Studio Photography:

Many of the photos on the following websites feature photography taken by Sinclair Design Studio. Click on each photo to be taken to their galleries.

Inn On The Avenue (NSB):

Inn On The Avenue

Mosquito Lagoon RV:

Mosquito Lagoon RV Park

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