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Design, Develop, Host, Maintain and Market

Most people know the value of having a website for their business, service, practice or facility. Whether you are wanting to create a new website, update your existing site or need a web host and maintenance service, Sinclair Design Studio will help you every step of the way.

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Step-by-Step Assistance

If you do not have a website, you will be guided through the necessary steps of developing one. Every element will be considered – starting with the domain name, hosting options, content management system and many other variables. Options will be explained in a clear, consice manner. Sinclair Design Studio will create an effective website for you that is attractive, consistent, easy-to-navigate, search engine-friendly and one you are proud to own.

Long-term Services

Once your site is live, you may think you're done! However, building a site and never working on it again is NOT a good idea! Learn what comes next.

You will be guided through the next phase of marketing and maintaining your site. Sinclair Design Studio can help develop a marketing strategy including electronic newsletters, subscription services and electronic advertising. You'll be offered several website maintenance packages, ensuring your site stays secure and up to date.

Measuring Success

While great design is important, it isn't the most important aspect of a successful website. That may surprise you, coming from a graphic design agency! Websites not only need to look nice, they also need to be set up for easy navigation, full of valuable content, easily found, up-to-date and be a fantastic tool for the business as well as the customer (UX = user experience).

Let Sinclair Design Studio be your own personal webmaster. Providing website services including:

Whether your website is just a few pages, or contains several thousand pages, you'll want your site developed with quality and professionalism. Sinclair Design Studio looks forward to working with you.

Thinking of Doing It Yourself?

Building an effective website can be an exciting, yet daunting task for many people. Some are drawn in by advertisements like...

..."build a website overnight"

..."your website can be up and running in just a few hours"

..."it's easy - just a few clicks and it's ready"

Perhaps there have been a few success stories with these easy web design packages, but their "success" is usually limited to getting the site up - not being attractive or effective.

If you've tried the DIY method of website design and are not happy with the results, contact Sinclair Design Studio. You decide how much or how little help you want to get your website on track.