Photography Services

While working on a project, photography services may be required. Stock photography can also be used when possible. If that is not an option, you may hire a professional photographer and I'd be happy to work with them. If you are on a tight budget, Sinclair Design Studio can fulfill many photography needs.

Types of Photos Sinclair Design Studio Can Provide:

  • Still life photos (great for promotional products, or a printed/online catalog)
  • Food photography (great for menus and online delivery service)
  • Scenery photos (show off hotel rooms, local settings, etc.)
  • Macro photos (excellent for backgrounds for printed materials)
  • Candid photography (perfect for use on social media)

Photo Retouching Services

Professional services using Photoshop can retouch most any type of photo. Blend photos together, add a missing object, change colors... the possiblities are endless. If you have a photo that you LOVE, but it just needs a little "something, something," contact Sinclair Design Studio to give it a magic retouch!


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