Logo Design & Branding Services

Great design and branding services can be developed for every type of business - big or small. If you think branding is just for businesses that are known world-wide, how do you think they became recognized all over the world? Great design can lead to a strong brand.

Usually branding starts with a logo or icon. It also uses colors, layout styles and other design elements. The combination of these design elements make up your brand. It should be carried through in everything you do and everywhere your business is represented.

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Does your web developer know how to design
a magazine ad, business card, T-shirt or billboard?

Design & Branding Services in Print, Online & Products

While PRINT has lost some momentum in advertising, it still has a very valuable place. Too many inexperienced graphic designers think they only have to master the internet and website design. Many do not know how to lay out a well-designed ad for print!

A web graphic should never be used for print! There are a lot of reasons, which include color mode, resolution and other design terms. The point is, you need a designer that excels in both print & web.

To view samples of the projects/services listed here, visit the online print portfolio and online website portfolio pages.

Products Offered:

  • Advertisement Design - print and online
  • Announcements/Custom Invitations - design & print
  • Annual Reports - design & print
  • Brochures - design & print
  • Business Cards & Letterhead - design & print
  • Catalogues - design & print
  • Corporate Identity Design Packages
  • Custom Folders - design & print
  • Fliers - design & print
  • Logo Design
  • Magazines - design & print
  • Map Design/Illustration
  • Newsletters - design & print
  • Presentation Materials - design & print
  • Promotional Items - design & produce
  • Restaurant Menus - design & print
  • Signs/Billboards - design
  • Social Media - Design & Services
  • T-shirts - design & produce
  • Video Production
  • Web Site Advertising
  • Web Site Applications - phone/tablets
  • Web Site Design
  • Web Site Maintenance
  • Web Site Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Marketing (SEM) Services
  • Writing Services - Content Marketing


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